Vanessa Lachey Claps Back At Troll Who Questioned Why Her Daughter Looks Like Jessica Simpson

by Angela Andaloro

Trolling has somehow become a hobby for an upsetting amount of social media users. They typically direct their misplaced ire at people in the public eye.

It’s one thing to sit there and vent your not-so-hot takes on adult celebrity pictures. But when you start to speak about people’s families and, in particular, their children, it becomes another beast.

Celebrities understand it is one of the downsides of being in the public eye, but they’re only human. It’s natural that they sometimes can’t help but reply to their haters. At their best, they handle it the way Vanessa Lachey just took care of a rude “fan.”

In a since-deleted tweet, a fan posed a question that was better left unasked. Twitter user @iamkimberlyruiz wrote, “Ok… elephant in the room… but why does Nick and Vanessa Lachey’s daughter look like Jessica Simpson?” Vanessa responded to the tweet with a message of positivity, handling the situation in a remarkably poised way.

Nick and Vanessa have been married for nearly eight years, after dating for five.

They have three beautiful children: Camden, 6; Brooklyn, turning 4 this month; and Phoenix, 2.

The family is very open about sharing their day-to-day lives with fans.

They certainly seem to be pretty adorable kids with a super-sweet sibling bond!

What wasn’t so sweet was an unsolicited tweet from a troll on Twitter that targeted Nick and Vanessa’s daughter, Brooklyn.

According to Us Weekly, the since-deleted tweet reads, “Ok… elephant in the room… but why does Nick and Vanessa Lachey’s daughter look like Jessica Simpson?”

The fact that the tweet brings up Nick’s ex-wife is pretty wildly inappropriate. Nick and Jessica split in 2005.

The comparison was likely drawn only because little Brooklyn is blonde and neither of her parents are.

This comment also comes after Vanessa posted this picture of herself as a child. The caption read, “#fbf Little V 🛁 I found this pic and for the first time saw Brooklyn in my face… makes me smile. #HappyFriday.”

Vanessa responded to the comment with a surprising amount of composure. This troll deserved whatever Vanessa was up to serving, but she decided to take the high road and suggest more positivity.

Many praised Vanessa for her composed reply.

Some moms admitted they would’ve taken a more aggressive approach with their response if their own kids were spoken about that way.

Fans pointed to pictures of a younger Vanessa, like the one she’d posted weeks before, that show the clear resemblance between mother and daughter.

Vanessa shouldn’t have to defend her family or their looks to anyone. She took the high road and will continue enjoying her beautiful family, no matter what anyone has to say about it.