Why Vanessa Bryant Is Filing To Add Her Youngest Daughter To Kobe’s Trust And What It Means

by Angela Andaloro

Vanessa Bryant is continuing to navigate the difficult aftermath of Kobe’s and Gianna’s deaths. This time, she’s doing what she can to make sure that her youngest daughter, 9-month-old Capri, is taken care of by her father’s trust.

Vanessa filed legal documents to add Capri to Kobe’s trust. The legal trust was established by the late NBA icon to provide for his family in the event of his death. It was first created in 2003. It’s been amended several times over the years, typically after the birth of each child. However, the latest amendment to the trust was filed in 2017, before Capri’s birth.

It is Vanessa’s hope that the oversight can be righted. According to the documents Vanessa filed, each of their children is “entitled to discretionary distributions of income and principal” during Vanessa’s lifetime.

Their surviving children will receive the remaining amount upon Vanessa’s death, according to the terms of the trust.

That’s not the only legal action occurring related to the untimely deaths of Kobe and Gianna. Vanessa is also in the midst of a wrongful death lawsuit against Island Express, the company that owns the helicopter that crashed in January, killing seven others.

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