This Man Renovated An Old Van Into An Incredible Mobile Tiny Home

by Elyse Wanshel
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Here at LittleThings, we see our fair share of mobile tiny houses.

We have featured an impressive assortment of tiny houses on wheels including Airstreams, Winnebago’s, buses, trucks, boats, and adorably petite abodes equipped with four spinning tires.

We’ve even seen an impressive camper with walls that fold out, expanding the square-footage by a significant amount.

Yet, we have never seen a tiny home-on-the-go like this interesting van.

It started out as an old, everyday van, but once Dipa Vasudeva Das, a man in the Eastern Europe, got his hands on the mammoth motorcar, he flipped it into something quite remarkable: a traveling home that includes all the creature comforts of home.

The best part?

It’s full of incredible surprises and secret compartments he created with his own two hands. It’s amazing how he squeezed so many innovations in such a tiny space, but he did, and it’s truly something to see…

When Dipa Vasudeva Das — and his cute canine companion — first got the van, it looked like this:

find the right van

The inside looked like a typical van as well, though the seat covers are pretty swanky.

van seat

To most, the van looked like a big open space, but Dipa Vasudeva Das saw something much more complex. He got to work.

remodeled homes ideas

He added tons of compartments as he laid out the frame for his new traveling home.

home van

Those were just the floor. The walls are filled with secrets as well.

walls of van

A skylight was added to lighten up the bleak space.

travelling van

Once his skeleton was built, he covered it with lovely wood paneling.

rebuilt van

To save room, he also built custom-made furniture right into the walls.

remodeled mobile homes

The custom furniture is a clever space-saver that provides lots of additional storage.

remodeled homes ideas

Before we take a full tour of the interior, let’s take a gander at some of the gadgetry hiding in the sliding side door.

remodeled ideas for van

Below the door are two long pull-out drawers that offer a lot of storage.

mobile homes ideas for van

If you push them back in, it’s a very welcoming entrance to his little dwelling on wheels.

van homes ideas

A part of one of the doors can come off as well, allowing for additional sunlight.

making door

Once you enter and close the door, under the floorboards is a space to stand while using a hidden sink.

under the floorboard

Now, let’s take a look at the doors at the rear of the van.

the rear of the van

Not only does it have a cool, outdoor deck that's just perfect for entertaining, it also has another secret hiding within.

outdoor deck of van

It has a space to cleverly store a bicycle.

store a bicycle.

Inside, the platform above the pup’s head is multi-functional as well.

multi-functional van

It can be a comfy workspace.

comfy work space

Or a spot to get a decent night’s rest.

bed on the van

It’s also great for hosting dinner parties.

remodelled van

And that’s not nearly all, this home is still packed with surprises.

remodelled bed idea

For instance, there is a table with seating concealed under the floorboards.

table with seating

The floor also offers more secret storage space.

storage space under floor

And let’s not forget the wood-burning fireplace.

wood-burning fireplace.

There is no threat of inhaling smoke with the insulating chimney.

remodelled van idea for travelling

Not too shabby for a home that started as just an old van.

mobile home

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