Clever Camper Turns The Back Of His Car Into The Perfect Wilderness Accessory

by Jessica Rothhaar
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Vacations are great, but between airline tickets, hotels, and restaurants, the cost can make people think twice when it comes time to use up those vacation days for some much-needed rest and relaxation.

Camping used to be the way to go if you wanted to get away without shelling out too much cash, but with the rise of glamping, even the great outdoors are out of some adventurers’ price ranges.

In response, DIY-ers all over the world have started getting really creative when it comes to travel. Instead of sacrificing the comforts of home or spending hundreds of dollars to stay overnight in a fancy hotel, they’ve started converting their vehicles into the perfect camping accessories. These conversions have allowed campers to get away for long periods of time with everything they could possibly need.

One adventurous DIY-er we found on Instructables (user travderose) decided to take his camping trips to the next level.

After many hours and plenty of elbow grease, the results are incredible. Scroll down to see for yourself, and let us know what you think of this amazing project in the comments below!

This DIY-er loves camping in tents, but also loves the luxury RV camping provides.

He decided to combine them with this clever project.

By converting the back of his car into a storage and kitchen space, he’d have certain amenities that don’t typically come with tent camping, and wouldn’t have the bulk of a full-size RV!

The main piece of the project is this set of drawers right here.

It looks simple enough, but the design is comprised of many necessary pieces.

Measurements had to be exact. The drawers needed to be deep enough to fit all the necessary cooking tools, but small enough to fit in the back of his car.

He also made sure it was just tall enough to allow water jugs to rest on top.

It wouldn’t be a kitchen area without a kitchen sink!

The DIY-er cut a hole about the size of a salad bowl.

There’s no drainage system, so once the cook is done with the water in the sink, he can simply remove the sink and toss the water on the ground.

The DIY-er also cut out a space to easily slide his stove into place, and he even included a pull-out drawer for added cooktop space.

After adding some final touches and securing the multipurpose project to the base of the trunk, he added a few more necessary accessories.

With a nice set of speakers and a mini fridge, this DIY-er was ready to go!

Would you consider camping in a tent if you had a sweet setup like this one?

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