Locals See Flyers For ‘Vampire Removal’ Service Around Town But Culprit Is Man Sharing His Blog

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

Now, I’ve been to Brooklyn, New York, and last I checked, there weren’t a lot of vampires in the area.

So the sight of flyers advertising a vampire-removal service, which were spotted all over Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge neighborhood, was more than silly or ridiculous — it was actually a pretty savvy ploy by a local writer named Dan Hetteix.

His flyers read “Bay Ridge Vampire Removal: 24/7 Monster Disposal.”

But there have been no vampire or monster sightings in Brooklyn — at least, none that I know of! And yet, the flyer shows a picture of a particularly fearsome vampire bat along with a link to a website.

If you follow this link, you end up on a blog called “The Ambrose Light.” And no, “The Ambrose Light” is not a weapon to use against vampires.

In fact, it’s Dan’s blog, which revolves around political satire and news about life in the community. His blog also encourages people to get out and vote in their local elections.

Dan’s goal is to use humor and satire to keep his readers informed about their community. And if vampires ever do descend upon the streets of Brooklyn, maybe Dan might actually know what to do!

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