Man Shows In-Laws Photo Album Of Vacation, But Mom Gasps When She Sees Last Page

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

Tara and her husband recently visited Ireland, and created a photo album of their vacation in order to share it with Tara’s mom and dad.

The final slot of the album contained a very unique picture, one that held a very unexpected message!

In the video below, Tara’s husband filmed her mom and dad checking out the photo album.

In it were photos of them on their vacation through the country, not only of Ireland but some of Scotland as well.

There were pictures of landmarks, of nature, of everything you could expect inside the photo album, but nothing could have prepared Tara’s parents for the final page in the album.

Even the family dog, at one point in the video, came over to see!

“Where is that?” Dad asked when he reached the final page of the album.

The photo showed Tara, alongside a sign that read “Parking Reserved For Expectant Mothers.”

Dad was wondering where in Ireland they had taken that picture.

Tara and her husband waited a couple of moments — perhaps to build up the anticipation?

“Do you guys not get it?” he asked.

Dad still seemed a bit confused, at least until Tara’s mom let out a huge, acknowledging gasp!

Just wait until you see her reaction!

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