Photographers Snap Picture Of Spooky Abandoned House, Then Take Their Cameras Inside

by Grace Eire
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When homes are abandoned, there is sometimes no one to clean them up once the people have fled. The rooms get frozen in time as years pass by with nothing to disrupt the objects.

Vacant Photography took some truly amazing photos of an abandoned home in the French countryside.

When asked about the experience while shooting, the photographer told LittleThings: “I got a tip from another photographer about this house, which made me very curious. So, we planned a trip to France to see with our own eyes. At first, it was unsure if we could enter the building. We only go into a building if we can enter it through an open door or window.

Everything seemed locked tight. We almost gave up, but made one more round to find a way in, and we did.

“Once inside, you can hardly believe your eyes. All the furniture, paintings, pictures are still there like they were left decades ago. There was so much detail. I hope we can all respect these old buildings; they breathe so much history. It’s always sad to see them get demolished. Hopefully this house can be saved.”

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Here's what the home looks like from the outside.


Inside, everything has remained completely untouched.


It's like it's stuck in time.


The colors are still so vibrant.


It's unclear exactly when this home was abandoned.


It appears to have been at least a few decades, just by the decor.


This beautiful sun room looks like it was used each and every day when people lived here.

sun room

I wonder who walked these halls!


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