Kids Wearing Black Goggles Search For Surprise Guest, But Have No Clue It’s Their Soldier Dad

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

This past Wednesday, March 1, a pair of siblings got the surprise of a lifetime during halftime of a Utah Jazz game.

Wearing a pair of blacked-out ski goggles that effectively blindfolded Jordan and Reagan Sanderson, the siblings had no idea who was standing just a few feet away from them at the basketball game.

The Sandersons were invited onto the court and given a mission: to walk around the court until they located a very special guest.

Oh, and they had to be blindfolded while they did it.

If you’ve ever seen an NBA regulation court before, then you know how much space they had to search!

They blindly began to look around, arms outstretched like a second set of eyes.

Eventually, with some help from the crowd and the mascot for the Jazz, Jazz Bear, the two kids were face to face with the special guest.

“I think you’ve found him!” the announcer yelled.

Their blindfolds were removed, and the man was revealed.

It was none other than their dad, Major Samuel Sanderson of the Army National Guard.

The siblings hadn’t seen their dad in six months, as he had been gone on multiple deployments.

They screamed in shock and happiness and immediately embraced their dad, and the emotional moment was cheered by all those in attendance at the stadium.

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