You’ve Been Using Nasal Spray The Wrong Way Your Entire Life

by Lindsey Weedston

A lot of us use nasal spray to relieve congestion, whether we’re sick, suffer from allergies, or just have uncooperative sinuses. According to a pharmacist on a recent episode of The Rachael Ray Show, a lot of us have also been using it incorrectly.

A guest came on the show complaining that nasal spray always seems to drip down the back of her throat after she sprays it. If you’ve ever experienced that, you know how gross it feels. As it turns out, this is a sign that you’re using nasal spray the wrong way.

Thankfully, pharmacist Stacia Woodcock was there to demonstrate the correct way to use it. Rather than spraying it straight up into your nostrils, you’re supposed to tilt the bottle toward the outside of your nose. Think of a “W” shape. That way, the spray goes into your sinus cavity instead of right to the back of your throat.

You should also tilt your head slightly forward and breath normally after spraying. Sniffing or snorting after using the spray sends it into your throat to drip down uselessly into your stomach. Also, make sure to squeeze the bottle gently so that the spray doesn’t jet down into your throat on its own.

“I’ve been doing it wrong for years,” said guest Thea.

Some of the spray will probably run out of your nose if you use it this way, but this is normal. Wipe it away with tissue, and you’re good to go. Watch the video below to see exactly how you should be using nasal spray!

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