Don’t Throw Them Away: 7 Awesome Ways To Repurpose Single Socks

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

A couple weeks ago, Clean My Space shared a video featuring “10 Things to Toss Today.” One of the items the channel proudly declared as toss-worthy were single socks. (You know, those stray socks that are suddenly somehow missing their counterparts and end up taking up room in your sock drawer.)

But commenters were quick to point out there are many various uses for single socks.

So, Melissa Maker of Clean My Space did some research and realized, no, you don’t have to throw away your mystery socks.

In fact, you’d be doing socks a disservice if you did!

You’re about to learn the following seven ways to repurpose single stray socks:

1. Turn your sock into a potpourri bundle to make your sock drawer smell fresh and clean.
2. Moisturize your hands and feet, then keep them sealed in with the sock.
3. Put a sock over your hand and run it over any dusty surface.
4. Take a single sock, turn it inside-out and use it as an eraser for a dry-erase board.
5. Put a tennis ball inside your sock and use it as a DIY dryer ball.
6. Make fun sock puppets!
7. Simply wear single mismatched socks and accept the imperfections.

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Video Credit: Clean My Space / YouTube / Facebook / Website

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