Man Acts Like Used-Car Salesman To Get Older Cats Adopted

by Paul Morris
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Everyone can easily agree that kittens and puppies are absolutely adorable little animals. But not a lot of people realize how, for millions of animals in shelters all over the United States, “older” dogs and cats get passed over and ignored simply because a lot of people going to the animal shelter would rather go for a younger pet.

While we can’t blame the people who choose tiny puppies and kittens, simply because they’re already doing something amazing by adopting an animal in need, we should all be aware of the countless “older” animals who never end up getting the forever home that they deserve.

Many of these dogs and cats are misunderstood, like the sweet pit bull who was deemed “aggressive” by the shelter he was in. These animals just need someone to give them some love and affection!

So when the operators of a Canadian animal shelter saw how many of the older animals were getting ignored, they came up with a pretty amazing way to draw attention to these aging felines that would make just as good a pet as any kitten!

Acting like a used-car salesman, the man went all out and even dressed up as the part. With his amazing mustache, slicked-back hair, and $5,000 dollar suit, this man is really passionate about finding them a home that they truly belong in!

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