Use Red Lipstick To Conceal Dark Under-Eye Circles

by Angel Chang
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We all know how many expensive makeup and beauty products exist in the world, all boasting a miracle cure for this, that, or the other.

But in reality, you don’t need high-end products to look and feel polished. There’s a world of clever beauty hacks and tips that put those expensive products to shame — like using kids’ Elmer’s glue to unclog pores.

In an exclusive video below, LittleThings’ Director of Content, Maia, shows you how to conceal your dark under-eye circles with a few dabs of red lipstick.

First, dab the lipstick on to the area under your eyes where you would typically apply concealer.

Then, simply go over the lipstick with your normal foundation and makeup routine.

The warm, reddish hue of the lipstick will blend in seamlessly with the rest of the products you decide to apply. Red lipstick works well as a concealer because it contrasts the greenish color of the circles under our eyes.

Scroll down to watch the simple tutorial in the video, and see for yourself just how ridiculously foolproof this hack is.

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