Professional Hair Colorist Pulls Back The Curtain On Posing For Social Media

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

If you’re anything like me, spending too much time on social media starts to make you feel a little, well, cranky.

After all, it sometimes feels like every other post or picture is someone bragging or showing off his or her spectacular life.

That’s why it so important to take a minute every now and then for a reality check, to remind yourself that everybody is exaggerating a little bit on social media.

No one is better at reminding us of this than the beauty bloggers who have made their fame on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

They know better than anyone how much goes into curating the perfect image online, as we saw when this famous beauty blogger did just one half of her makeup.

Now, another beauty professional is taking to the web with a message about body positivity — by personally demonstrating how much she has to do to create a perfect image, and emphasizing that no one should ever feel inadequate because of something they see online!

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Ursula Goff is a professional hair colorist and artist who lives and works in Kansas.

She works privately, with a small pool of clients for whom she creates amazingly creative hairstyles.

Her specialty is creative color: rainbow hues, bold neons, fire engine red… You name it, Goff has probably recreated it for someone’s hair, like the dramatic rainbow style pictured above.

She also frequently uses herself as a model, experimenting regularly with new styles that she posts on Facebook.

The images are often stunning, highlighting Goff’s unique skill set for creating vivid lasting colors.

Of course, it’s not too surprising that the images also tend to be flattering. Her makeup is immaculate and her hair is blown out and shiny; she’s at her best.

But Goff also gets frequent comments from women who spend far too much time comparing themselves to her and to other social media icons.

One commenter left a post saying, “You are so pretty!!!! I’m jelous, why i can’t be like you???just a little bit…[sic]”

Goff had an adamant response, saying, “Don’t say that! You don’t wanna be like me — be like YOU.”

She also makes it clear that she’s a professional who gets paid to expend time and energy on her craft. She also points out that it takes a lot of work to get her glamorous look together.

With that in mind, she’s careful to post plenty of pictures that show the other side about modeling her hairstyles on the internet.

Yes, she might look great and get tons of praise in the photos, but that doesn’t necessarily reflect how she lives her life all the time.

In particular, she’s received a lot of attention for a December post explicitly calling out the difference between the beautiful, glamorous shots that help advertise her skill as a colorist, and the normal, everyday woman underneath. Her post makes a point of exposing the illusions that run rampant in social media, saying:

So I didn’t edit either one of these photos, but they were taken just a few days apart. I think it’s important to note that lighting, angles, facial expression, and make-up make a huge difference in photography and presentation (especially in my case!). Social media can make it easy to feel like everyone else is awesome and perfect all the time, but that’s really never true… In reality, nothing is perfect, life is messy, and people are flawed. So the best way to be happy with yourself is to cultivate YOURSELF, vs. cultivating an IMAGE, or comparing yourself to everyone else. Do the things you want to do, find things you love, figure out what and who you want to be, and then set out to do that stuff. Think about what matters to you, and then try to engage with those activities, people, and/or values daily. Do you. For real.

We think she’s just beautiful, inside and out, and we love her message about tuning into the reality behind social media.

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