Man Builds An Upside Down House, Then Reveals What The Furniture Looks Like Inside

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

Daniel Czapiewski is a Polish businessman who decided to create a house, built upside down, in order to pay a tribute to “life’s absurdity.”

While you don’t have to agree that life is absurd, you most likely will agree that this house is!

Looking at it from afar, it’s absolutely mind-boggling. Everything about it makes you feel as though you’re being deceived. Built in 114 days in Poland, the place is apparently so disorienting that no one can last long enough inside to live in it! Even the builders who were creating it had to take breaks every three hours because they would become so dizzy.

The house attracts thousands of tourists every year, but everyone that walks through the interior gets too dizzy to stay for long.

This is definitely one of the most unique and intriguing homes I’ve ever seen.

Let us know what you think in the comments after seeing the grand tour in the video below! Try not to get too dizzy while the camera attempts to play tricks on you!

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