Crew Spends 2 Years Building Upside-Down House Before Unveiling Completely Distorted Interior

by Jess Butler
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A special house tucked inside Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada, is definitely turning heads.

Adam Nielubowicz, the proud builder, and a friend of his thought about building a completely upside-down house from top to bottom — inside and out. Little did they know, the quirky idea would soon turn into a favorite attraction among tourists and people passing through.

In the video below, Adam explains, “This actually took lots of work. Everything here is real. Everything inside the house is real.”

The building crew constructed the upside-down house just as they would any other home. It’s even tilted on a six-degree angle to give visitors a dizzying, inverted feeling.

“This house is actually a real house, which is built upside down,” he said. “So, we started from ground up. And for example, the foundation took 42 meters of concrete.”

After two years of planning and construction, the upside-down house was finally completed. Then, it was time to open up its doors to the public and reveal the shocking interior to the world!

You won’t want to miss seeing the six distorted rooms featured in this upside-down house!

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Photos: WKBW Buffalo

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