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UPS Driver Strips Down To His Underwear, Risks His Own Life To Save A Dog Trapped In Ice

by Amy Paige
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Ryan Arens has worked as a UPS driver in Bozeman, Montana, for the past 14 years. There are two things about Ryan that made him the perfect hero for this incredible story: One, he always keeps a dry change of clothes in his backpack at work.

And two, he’s a dog lover with a very soft spot for animals of all kinds.

In January 2019, Ryan was driving his normal UPS route when he pulled up to a house to make a delivery and heard a dog that sounded like it was in distress near the neighborhood pond.

The dog was loudly yelping and crying, but it was getting dark outside, and Ryan couldn’t see where exactly the howls were coming from.

In an effort to find this poor pup, the UPS driver headed to the other side of the pond and kept his eyes and ears peeled for anything strange.

That’s when Ryan realized that the dog — a young wire-haired pointing griffon — had fallen into the icy pond and was struggling to stay at the surface. The water was bitter cold and at least 16 feet deep.

Another Good Samaritan who’d been out on the pond in his rowboat was already attempting to save the dog, but to no avail.

The UPS driver refused to stand back and do nothing.

Since he had his change of clothes (and his own beloved dog in mind), Ryan proceeded to put his own life at risk in a big way in order to save a dog he didn’t know from going under the water …

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