Owners Build Their Cat A Beautiful Bed From A Vintage Suitcase

by Rebecca Landman
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Every cat deserves a space all their own to rest after a long day of feline tasks.

When Instructables user pjkumpon and his wife realized their cat, Izzy, didn’t really have her own place in the house to curl up and catch her well deserved sleep, these two set forth to build her own special cat bed.

While most store-bought cat beds would have suited Izzy’s needs perfectly well, her parents wanted their special girl to have a unique bed — the kind only a bit of DIY-ing could muster up.

This couple searched online, looking for inventively decorative cat bed designs.

Soon, they stumbled upon an ingenious idea — they would upcycle a vintage suitcase into Izzy’s new bed.

After stripping it clean, lining it with fresh fabric, and adorning it with a comfy fleece pillow, their cat settled into her new digs, happy to make her space her own.

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old suitcase

When Instructables user pjkumpon and his wife noticed their adorable cat, Izzy, had never really been gifted a distinct space all her own in their house, they decided to build her a new cat bed.

After searching the internet for ideas, they settled upon upcycling a vintage suitcase into the cat bed of Izzy’s dreams.

suitcase legs

These upcyclers were able to snag an old suitcase for a mere $3.

After thoroughly cleaning it out, these two secured four midcentury-style legs onto their cat-bed-to-be’s underbelly.

lining cat bed

Next, this DIY-er’s wife lined the old suitcase with vibrant fabric.

old luggage

The fabric’s bright and adorable pattern gave this old suitcase new flair.


To make sure this suitcase never accidentally closed on their adorable Izzy’s head, they braced the structure open with two angle brackets.

cat bed cushion

And what good would a cat bed be without a cushy cushion upon which their precious pet could rest?

These cat parents cut batting to perfectly fit inside their suitcase’s shape.

cat bed

Covered in fleece and positioned just so, this cat bed was nearly complete.

These DIY-ers decided to fold and pin the fleece around the batting, rather than sew it shut, to better accommodate future cleaning.


As a finishing touch, these crafty DIY-ers decided to decorate their cat’s bed with adorable little photographs.

cat bed

Positioned in place, Izzy’s new bed was finally ready to welcome its fluffy owner home.

cat bed

These loving pet owners harnessed their upcycling skills to build their cat a cozy new bed to enjoy day in and day out.

What do you think of this adorable cat bed? Have you ever upcycled an old suitcase? Tell us about your creation in the comments below.

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