Dad Turns Play Set Into Cool Tree House For His Daughter

by Rebecca Landman
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Childhood is such a magical time, especially if you have a cool tree house to play in as you grow.

When Imgur DIY-er captainpsp‘s 7-year-old daughter wished for a tree house on her last birthday, he immediately got to work, making that wish come true.

However, their family’s backyard didn’t boast sizable enough trees for the task. To make his baby girl the tree house of her dreams, this dad would have to, instead, think outside the box.

After brainstorming a bit, this dad realized that his daughter’s old outdoor play set, combined with a bit of upcycling magic, could make an awesome tree-house-like play space.

Outfitted with beautiful cedar siding and an extravagant air conditioner, he built a new tree house bound to be his daughter’s favorite hangout spot for years to come.

With a little creativity, this DIY-er transformed the old outdoor play set his daughter would likely have soon outgrown into a new and improved play space she can now continue enjoying well into the future.

Scroll through below for a look at this DIY dad’s incredible work!


When Imgur DIY-er captainpsp‘s daughter told her dad that what she wanted more than anything for her seventh birthday was a tree house to play in, he knew he had to make his little girl’s dream come true.

However, he knew their yard didn’t have a tree big enough to support a tree house of any real significance.

They did, though, have an old outdoor play set that his daughter was starting to lose interest in.

This DIY-er decided to upcycle this old play set into his daughter’s new, dream tree house.


To enclose the play set, this DIY-er decided to panel it up with cedar boards.

He found some old cedar online, and gave it a good pressure wash until it looked good as new.

weather treating wood

His daughter even helped out with the project.

She and her dad weatherproofed the new wood together.

transforming tree house

Piece by piece, this DIY-er enclosed the old play set.

transforming treehouse

He even added a special passageway, so his daughter would be able to move from the first and second floors of her tree house with ease.


The beautifully upcycled cedar gave the tree house a unique look.


Every tree house needs a cool entryway.

This DIY-er outfitted his daughter’s new tree house with an awesome tunnel, upcycled from the play set’s slide.

Thanks to this ingenious upcycling move, his daughter would now be able to move back and forth from her cool new tree house to the main house without ever setting foot outside.

air conditioning

This dad wanted to make sure his little girl would always be comfortable in her new hideout.

He installed an awesome air conditioner to keep her cool all summer long.


Additionally, wherever the old playhouse had fake, open windows, this DIY-er added plexiglass.


This DIY-er even added plexiglass to the structure’s roof, so that his little girl could stare at the stars in the evenings.

This tree house might not actually sit in a tree, but it is certainly an awesome play space, nonetheless.

tree house

Thanks to her dad’s creative upcycling, this 7-year-old likely has the coolest tree house hangout in the whole neighborhood.

When this DIY-er’s daughter wished for a new tree house on her birthday, he upcycled her old play set into a completely awesome play space, likely beyond her wildest dreams.

What do you think of this awesome tree house? Have you ever upcycled a new play set? Tell us about your project in the comments.

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