Hanging Coconut Planters Make For Adorable Patio Decor

by Rebecca Landman
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Creating a warm, festive, and inviting space need not consume tons of time and money.

This summer, Instructables user prnet found himself with a surplus of coconut husks.

While it would have been easy to simply toss them in the trash and move on with his day, this DIY-er’s inner upcycler just couldn’t bear the thought of wasting the interesting, free materials.

Instead, he decided to repurpose them into adorable hanging planters, livening up his outdoor patio space in a snap.

After carving each husk down to an appropriate size, he drilled in a few holes, and threaded through hemp cords.

Then, he filled his coconut husks with all sorts of beautifully bright flowers, and hung his planters at varying lengths all across his patio wall.

In no time at all, this DIY-er created precious new decor pieces, bursting with color and life.

Keep scrolling to learn more about how this upcycler transformed unlikely coconut husks into the most adorable backyard planters.

coconut planter materials

When Instructables user prnet found himself with a surplus of coconuts lying around his house, he decided to enjoy them and then repurpose the husks into something new.

slicing coconut

He chose to transform them into new hanging planters.

hole in coconut

To prepare each husk for his project, he first sliced off a small part of the coconuts’ outer husks.

Then, he drilled a hole through each fruit’s top.

separating coconut flesh

After draining the coconut water, scraping out the flesh, and thoroughly enjoying the tasty treat, this DIY-er carved down each husk to an appropriate planter-style size.

drilling hole in coconut

Then, he drilled a few more holes into each husk, through which he’d later thread hemp cords.

hanging planters

This upcycler decided to vary his hanging planters’ lengths, to give his vertical garden added dimension.

hanging planters

After sizing the cords to his liking, his new planters were ready for the great outdoors.

hanging planters

Filled with bright new plants, and secured in place at varying heights all along his garden wall, this DIY-er’s coconut creations were complete.

hanging planters

Now, thanks to his keen upcycler’s eye, he has a beautiful garden space to enjoy all summer long.

hanging planters

Left with a surplus of coconuts at his disposal, this crafty DIY-er built himself adorable new hanging planters, keeping his outdoor space fun and fresh.

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