She Strings Electrical Cord Through An Old Blender, Then Adds Light Bulb For Genius DIY Lamp

by Jess Catcher
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I hate letting anything go to waste in my home, which is why I love stumbling upon genius upcycle projects like the one in the clip below that can help give old items a new life.

Designer Genevieve Gorder paid a visit to Rachael Ray’s studio to show how easy it is to transform a busted blender into a cute and kitschy pendant light you can hang in your kitchen. It also happens to be one of the easiest upcycle projects I’ve ever seen!

Make sure you’re only attempting this craft with glass blenders, of course, as you don’t want the light bulb to melt any plastic or other materials.

You can find the inexpensive electrical cord she uses in the video at any hardware store, then you just need to grab a light bulb to screw in. That’s it!

The hole at the bottom of the blender is already perfect for looping the cord through. If you measure carefully beforehand, it will rest against the base of the bulb nice and snug.

I’ve never been upset about having a functioning blender before, but now I wish mine was out of commission so I could have this adorable light hanging up in my kitchen!

Take a look to see the simple steps from Genevieve.

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Thumbnail Source: Flickr / Mad Mod Smith

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