Unwanted Puppy Wakes Up After Being Euthanized By Vet And Finally Finds His Forever Home

by Amy Paige
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An animal shelter in Oklahoma became so overcrowded with stray dogs that it decided to put down an 8-month old Lab-American pit bull mix named Rudolph.

The veterinarian administered the drugs and said goodbye to Rudolph. Minutes later, the staff returned to the room — and everyone was shocked to find the puppy still alive.

For whatever reason, the drugs simply didn’t take. And the vet chose not to attempt euthanasia for a second time.

Rudolph the “miracle dog” had unknowingly given himself a second chance at life. He was taken to King’s Harvest Pet Rescue No Kill Shelter in the hopes someone would want to adopt him and give him a second chance at life.

Not only did the applicants come flooding in, but Rudolph has since become an internet sensation.

Kylie Jo Mitchell, a staff member at King’s Harvest, says she’s never heard of anything like this in all her years of animal rescue.

And as you’re about to see, Rudolph has finally been given his happy home.

Footage provided by WQAD Quad Cities

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