Lady Sells House After 83 Years And Shows It’s Been ‘Frozen In Time’ Since She Was A Child

by Amy Paige
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A North London house built in 1934 has only had three owners since it was first bought 83 years ago.

From the outside, it looks pretty ordinary — but the inside holds a stunning secret.

This art-deco dwelling is currently up for sale, and it’s remained virtually untouched since the 1930s, all due to one unexpected reason.

The three-bed semi-detached home has retained so many original features. Stepping inside is like walking right into a time capsule. Check out the geometric mantelpieces, bathroom basin, large Crittall windows with modernist curves, open wooden banisters, handmade kitchen and fitted glass landing light… The only real noticeable features that are relatively new are some carpets from the 1970s and the modern wallpaper.

The home’s current owner is photographer Elizabeth Whycer, who has lived there since she was born — in 1958. Her parents, Boris and June, bought it from the original female owner for just $2,300!

Since putting the home on the market in an effort to downgrade, Elizabeth revealed the reason it’s remained “frozen in time.” As it turns out, June absolutely hated having builders in the home.

“My mother hated workmen in the house, so it’s very much unchanged, structurally,” she says.

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