12 Unique Bouquets Ideas Just In Time For Wedding Season

by Angel Chang
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Wedding season is almost upon us. And for the millions of excited brides-to-be this year, planning all the details to the utmost perfection before the wedding is extremely crucial.

And when it comes to details, aside from her dress and veil, no accessory is more important to a bride than her wedding bouquet. After all, it’s sure to be preserved for years to come after the wedding celebration is over!

Usually, we see brides take the classical route and go with ordinary flower bouquets. Popular flower choices include calla lilies, daffodils, magnolias, peonies, and, of course, roses.

But, as with the ever-changing and ever-modernizing trends of the wedding dress, bouquets are becoming more and more adventurous, unique, and unusual.

Below, we share pictures of some delightfully unique bridal bouquets, each with its own character and twist.

Scroll further to take a look at these fantastically unique bridal bouquets for inspiration.

Which is your favorite? Would you ever use bouquets like this in your wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

Unique wedding bouquets

Instead of incorporating traditional flowers like roses or lilies, some bouquets make great use of unusual plants.

Succulents have lovely, thick, and fleshy leaves and stems, and therefore make for a great alternative bouquet.

Unique wedding bouquets

Other brides love to add a pop of color into their bouquets with fruits, like apples and even citrus fruits.

Unique wedding bouquets

If you’re shopping around for non-floral bouquets, look for inspiration in this pine cone arrangement — it’s a perfect way to reflect the changes in seasons, and also adds a bit of a rustic flair.

Unique wedding bouquets

Vibrant, colorful brooch bouquets are also extremely popular, like the one shown above.

Unique wedding bouquets

If you love crafting, or love putting together finish products with little knickknacks, then you’ll fall in love with this vintage ivory button and rhinestone bouquet, bound by lace, satin, and wire.

Unique wedding bouquets

And why not add a pop of color with seashell bouquets? They look absolutely divine when paired with these beautiful ivory beads.

Unique wedding bouquets

Heart-shaped wedding bouquets are so incredibly intricate and delicate, and are a great way to encapsulate all of your favorite flowers.

Unique wedding bouquets

Yet even more adventurous and unique are vegetable bouquets, which add an incredibly interesting texture and look to the whole bridal outfit.

And who says all wedding bouquets have to be multicolored?

If you’d like, pick out your favorite color — or a wildly crazy hue — and rock a bouquet with a bold statement.

Unique wedding bouquets

There’s always room for mixing and matching all of the above ideas. Combine beautiful fruits with plants, leaves, and little flowers, and create something magical.

Unique wedding bouquets

There’s only one more thing to remember: the more colorful and vibrant the bouquet, the better!

Unique wedding bouquets

You can also definitely recreate the “flower bouquet” look by threading big, dazzling brooches together.

What’s your favorite unique wedding bouquet style? Let us know in the comments below.

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