12 Strange, Surprising, And Delicious Ways To Enjoy Pickles And Pickle Juice

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

Do you love pickles?

If you do, you are certainly not alone. If you give me a jar of pickles in the afternoon, by evening it’s quite possible that it will be seriously diminished, if not totally gone.

They are just so simple, salty, crunchy, and quite frankly, perfect. You should even save your juice for lots of amazing health and home benefits, as well as for some of the snacks below.

Whether you prefer the sweet and petite cornichons, or the classic dill pickle, I’m sure you’re always looking for fun and new ways to incorporate pickles into your diet, not just as a garnish, but as a main attraction. If you ask my humble opinion, the pickle has been a sideshow for far too long.

It deserves to be the star of the show!

These 12 unique pickle recipes are sure to make your mouth water.

Do you have your very own pickle recipes? If you do, please let us know in the comments. The more pickle love that goes around, the better!

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Thumbnail Source: Flickr / Christine (cropped and brightened from original)

1. Pickle Slushie


This pickle slushie from Chase’s BBQ Shack in Oklahoma is a dream for anyone who is too embarrassed to drink pickle juice straight from the jar… not that there’s anything wrong with that.

2. Pickle Bun

2. Pickle Bun

Honestly, who really needs bread when there are pickles? Feel free to add extra pickles inside if you must. T&F Farmer’s Pride in Philadelphia will substitute a variety of pickles for bread any time you ask.

3. Pickle Rolls

3. Pickle Rolls

These little rolls are great bite-sized versions if you also love a bit of ham and cream cheese.

4. Pickle Pizza

pickle pizza

Would you try pickles on a pizza? Is that even a question? I would eat this entire thing in a heartbeat.

5. Pickle Soup

pickle potato soup

Pickle potato soup will warm a pickle-lover’s heart on cold days… and even on warm days. Really, pickle soup is great in any weather!

6. Pickle Poppers

6. Pickle Poppers

My mouth is quite literally watering at the thought of eating these fried, cheese-stuffed pickle poppers.

7. Baked Pickles

7. Baked Pickles

If you’re looking for the fried pickle taste but want to feel a little healthier, bake ’em!

8. Pickle-Infused Vodka

pickle vodka

Pickle vodka is perfect for a delectable Bloody Mary. Garnish with even more pickles and you simply can’t resist.

9. Fried Pickle Chips

fried pickle chips

These crispy fried pickle chips with a creamy dipping sauce look absolutely divine.

10. Pickle Dip

pickle dip

There is no way to go wrong with pickle dip, because you get a fresh and creamy pickle taste on whatever you choose to dip in there. The possibilities are endless!

11. Pickle Quesadilla

cuban quesadilla

Everyone knows that Cuban sandwiches are full of pickle-y pork goodness, but why not try them in a quesadilla, too? This one from Food Truck Azucar looks absolutely delicious.

12. Pickle Pops

pickle pops

Freeze your pickle juice and turn it into a savory frozen dessert if you don’t have too much of a sweet tooth!

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