20 Unique Girl Names For Babies Born In 2020

by Desirée O

Choosing a name for a new baby girl can be a daunting process for loving parents. As Shakespeare wrote, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” but would it be as memorable?

Maybe or maybe not! That’s why you surely want to pick something that’s truly special for your little one. While you could always select a name that’s tried-and-true or leans on the traditional side, you might be the kind of parent who wants to give your daughter a name that will set her apart, make her a distinctive figure, and give her a strong sense of individuality. Perhaps you’d love to come up with a name that stems from nature, or you want to find inspiration from timely pop culture.

Or maybe you’ve been influenced by celebrities who are willing to choose names for their little ones that you would never expect in a million years. If you’re considering a rare, unusual, or charmingly surprising handle, then be sure to check out these 20 unique girl names for babies born in 2020.


girl names that are unique

Art lovers will adore Kahlo, which was the last name of the late Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. According to Nameberry, Kahlo was seeing a rise in popularity in the months leading up to 2020, and while the site claims it’s “cooler than Frida,” Nameberry also points out that “not everyone would get the artist connection.”


girl names that are unique

In 2018, former Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul and his wife, Lauren Parsekian, welcomed a baby girl into the world and named her Story. And in January 2019, retired professional baseball player Derek Jeter became a father when his wife Hannah gave birth to a little one who was also given the name Story. Perhaps a beautiful Story is in your future as well?


girl names that are unique

Aurelia is a beautiful name derived from gold, according to Baby Name Wizardwhich shows that this name was at peak popularity in the 1880s. While it’s a name that you don’t come across very often, it does pop up in a popular holiday film. “If you’re a fan of the romantic Christmas comedy Love Actually, you’ll remember that Aurelia was the Portuguese love interest of Colin Firth’s character,” says the site.


girl names that are unique

Wrens are sweet little songbirds that are responsible for “one of nature’s finest duets,” according to National Geographic. Wren is also a lovely name for a newborn girl. And while it rose 101 points in popularity on BabyCenter from 2018 to 2019, it’s only No. 453 overall, which means that it’s still wonderfully unique.


girl names that are unique

If you like the idea of finding a name that comes from nature, then perhaps you’d like something floral. And while you could always go with Rose, Lily, Daisy, Ivy, or Poppy, a much more unique option for your baby daughter is Bloom.


girl names that are unique

Put a little twist on Sophie (or Sofi) by opting for the similarly sounding Sosie. According to Nameberry, Sosie is a shortened version of Susan, so if your mom, aunt, or beloved grandmother is named Susan, you might want to honor her by naming your little one Sosie.


girl names that are unique

Singer Billie Eilish was seemingly everywhere in 2019, which was the same year she released her wildly popular album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? and spent plenty of time on tour as well as popping up at the industry’s biggest events. And if you’re inspired by her music or distinctive vibe, then you might also be inspired by her name. And while Billy may not be an unusual name for a boy, Billie is still a relatively unique name for a little girl.


girl names that are unique

Lizzo was another music industry star who took the scene by storm in 2019, which means that her name is great inspiration for parents who are looking for a strong name for their little girl. Maybe it will even inspire your daughter to take up the flute.


girl names that are unique

Margot Robbie will bring her quirky DC Comics character back to the screen for 2020’s Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn. And surely some parents will be inspired to name their new baby girl after Harley. Although they could also opt for her last name, Quinn, or one of her legal names, (Dr.) Harleen Quinzel.


girl names that are unique

In October 2019, the former cast of Lizzie McGuire — Hilary Duff, Hallie Todd, Jake Thomas, and Robert Carradine — reunited to announce that they were preparing for a reboot of the beloved Disney show. Likely hitting screens in 2020, it will surely result in a few baby girls being named Lizzie. But if you’re looking for something a little different, try the surname McGuire as a first name.


girl names that are unique

Stranger Things was renewed for a fourth season in September 2019, which means that fans of the Netflix hit will continue to be enthralled and entertained by the show for at least one or two more years. That’s why parents will likely continue to name their baby girls after the beloved character Eleven, who’s played by Millie Bobby Brown.


girl names that are unique

“Parents love naming their daughters after strong, butt-kicking women — fictional or otherwise,” explains Babygaga. That’s why the site suggests Mera (MEE-ra), another DC character, this time Aquaman’s wife, played in the 2018 movie by Amber Heard.


girl names that are unique

Actress Kate Hudson welcomed her third child into the world in October 2018. And while the star was already the mom to two boys, Ryder and Bingham, baby No. 3 was a girl who was given the name Rani (pronounced Ronnie). “We have decided to name our daughter … after her grandfather, Ron Fujikawa. Ron was the most special man who we all miss dearly. To name her after him is an honor,” Kate wrote at the time. Whether or not you have a Ron in your life whom you’d like to honor, Rani is an adorable name for a little girl.


girl names that are unique

According to Nameberry, Zahari is a name with both Hebrew and Swahili roots. It can either mean “to shine” or “flower,” which are equally beautiful inspirations for a beloved baby girl.


girl names that are unique

Aoife (pronounce Eef-uh) “was the offspring of several different heroines and was storied to be a fierce warrior, as well — a bonus for parents looking to give their little girl a unique and lyrical name that also denotes strength and power,” Babygaga explains. More common in Ireland than other parts of the world, it means both “beauty” and “radiance.”


girl names that are unique

La Bohème is an opera by Puccini (which evolved into the musical Rent) that highlights the bohemian life. Inspire your daughter to be both a creative risk taker and a free spirit by naming her Bohème.


girl names that are unique

If you’re drawn to names like Elle, Ella, Emily, or Emma, but you want something a little different, then you should definitely consider Emme. Emme is a variant of the Germanic name, Erma, according to Baby Name Wizard.


girl names that are unique

The Kardashian-Jenners are famous for giving their children unique names, and Khloé Kardashian followed suit by opting for the family name True when she had her baby girl. If that’s not quite right for your little one, you could also opt for other Kardashian-Jenner family names such as North, Chicago, Dream, or Stormi.


girl names that are unique

If your baby girl is a dream come true, then perhaps you should name her Reverie. A word for “an ethereal, dreamlike state,” according to Nameberry, it’s surely how you’ll be feeling when you meet your daughter for the first time.


girl names that are unique

In the same way that your daughter may be a dream come true, she might also seem like a perfect little angel who came straight from heaven. That’s why Neveah, which is heaven spelled backward, may suit your baby girl.