20 Unique Kids Birthday Party Ideas For One-Of-A-Kind Celebrations

by Angela Andaloro

Birthdays are a special time and a definite cause for celebration. For kids, birthdays are the opportunity to make some unforgettable memories.

As parents, we want to do everything we can for our kids, including planning the perfect birthday party.

Birthday parties aren’t what they used to be, however. It seems like these days, birthday parties are more customized than ever before. A simple bowling or ice-skating outing is a thing of the past. This makes things more interesting but also more challenging for parents. Coming up with unique birthday party ideas isn’t easy.

The key to creating a unique festivity is understanding that it isn’t all about the idea or theme.

It’s about the way you execute it. The details you decide to highlight make all the difference. It’s about what matters most to your kid. Involving them in the planning process is key to making sure it’s an experience that they’ll love.

Robot Party

robot birthday party

There are a lot of cool ideas for a robot party that you can scale up or down with age. You can give kids art supplies and materials like boxes or modeling clay to make their own robots.

If you have a virtual reality headset, you can have kids take turns playing a simulated robot game. There are even some robot-themed coding games (both video and board games) that can keep kids busy.

Little Bit Funky made adorable robot-themed favors out of crayons, candy, and Slinkys that are easy to duplicate.

Mermaid Party

mermaid birthday party

You don’t have to live by the sea to have an awesome mermaid party. There are a number of craft kits and online DIYs that can guide you through making mermaid tails with your guests.

A mermaid theme also lends itself to some fun dress-up options. Bring out some hair chalk to give kids a hint of crazy hair colors. Go wild with aquatic-themed jewelry and hair accessories. You can also play aquatic-themed games and enjoy sea-themed treats. Sugar, Spice, and Glitter shows how to make an adorable sandcastle-themed cake.

Themed Costume Party

costume party

A costume party can be fun at any time of year. Make it more personalized by letting your kid pick a costume theme. It can be anything from superheroes to princesses to athletes. Base your decor and your snacks on the theme for an easy-to-put-together and fun way for kids to get in touch with their creative sides.

Camping Party

Camping Party

A camping party is a fun idea to execute whether you’re indoors or outdoors. Pitch a tent in your backyard or let the kids get creative making a fort of their own inside. Kids can make their own little lanterns as a fun way to light up their night. A s’mores bar is the ultimate dessert selection.

Volunteering Party

volunteering birthday party

There are kids out there who are deeply committed to their communities and giving back. This kind of party can get their friends involved as well. The birthday child can pick a way that kids can help out, whether it’s building care packages for veterans or cleaning up a local park.

MommyPoppins offers some themes and suggested charities that relate to those themes if you need some ideas on where to start.

Space Party

space party

Whether you have a little astronaut on your hands or a budding astronomer, a space party can be an out-of-this-world choice. Kids can work together to make their own solar system. Let them make their own spacesuits out of garbage bags and decorate them with paint and stickers. Decorate with some simple balloon aliens, as seen in Crazy Wonderful. With a little effort, your party be a serious space portal.

Escape Room Party

Escape Room Party

Escape rooms aren’t just for adults. The Activity Mom and Lock Paper Scissors both offer some awesome ideas on how you can create your own escape room challenge at home using products you probably already have lying around. This will challenge kids to work together and use critical-thinking skills in the most entertaining way.

Snow Day Party

snow day birthday party

A snow day party is perfect for little ones with winter birthdays. If your kid loves playing in the snow, why not take advantage? Take kids sledding at a local hill. Let them duke it out in a snowman-building challenge. Race to build igloos! With older kids, you can explore tougher snow sports like playing ice hockey or snowboarding.

If you’re missing snow, you can improvise with fake snow and snow dough for smaller-scale activities. Top it all off with a hot chocolate bar that kids will absolutely adore.

Lego Party

Lego Party

You can set up an awesome birthday party Lego Masters style! Get the kids kits that they race to create. You can also let them freestyle and build something in a certain time frame. Any of the Lego movies can make the perfect background entertainment. Lego treats are also surprisingly easy to make for an awesome dessert table.

Spa Day Party

Spa Day Party

A spa-day birthday party is the best for kids who are into beauty. You can get inexpensive face masks or grab the ingredients for the kids to make their own. Have everyone dress in their comfiest clothes as you dole out manicures and pedicures, or hire a local manicurist to take care of it.

You can also let older girls experiment with hair and makeup. Queue up some tutorials from their favorite beauty bloggers and provide supplies to get their favorite looks.

Craft Party

Craft Party

A craft party can be as big or as small as your heart desires. Let the kids make photo booth props and take pictures of them posing with them when they’re done, for example. Use paper tablecloths that kids can draw and paint all over.

You can get kits for kids to make their crafts from or find a video and provide supplies. You can also tailor crafts to a theme. The possibilities are endless. Many crafts also double as fun favors for kids to take home. The activities give kids a creative outlet and a way to have fun getting messy.

Science Party

Science Party

Kids have grown up with a greater appreciation of science, and we definitely want to encourage budding curious minds. A science birthday party can feature a number of different experiments based on the age range of the birthday child and guests.

Making slime is one idea that’s great for kids of most ages. Provide guests with safety gear and little lab coats and watch their minds explore.

Scavenger Hunt Party

scaveneger hunt party

A scavenger hunt party is another great scalable idea. For smaller kids, you can easily set one up in your home or a park. For older kids, you can let them explore a little further, such as around the neighborhood. There are kits to assist parents looking to make the process even easier. Birthday in a Box also offers some awesome ideas.

Baking Party

baking birthday party

Kids who are curious in the kitchen should totally get involved. You can let the little bakers make their own little cake or pizza and add in whatever their hearts desire. For your older kids, you can give them a baking competition-style challenge.

Gaming Party

Gaming Party

Encouraging more screen time is typically not what parents are looking to do, but for a special occasion and for a kid it means a lot to, it can make for an unforgettable party. Break up time playing video games with some board games or active games that get everyone on their feet.

Based on what game your kids are into, you can work on decor and treats that match. There are a lot of great ideas for popular games like Minecraft and Fortnite.

Rainbow Party

Rainbow Party

For the kid who loves all things colorful, this party offers all kinds of possibilities. You can have guests dress in all white clothes they can mark up and then give the kids paint-filled balloons. Alternatively, The Spruce suggests you do it color-run style with colored powder for kids to run through. You can also tie-dye shirts, pillowcases, and more for colorful activities.

Dance Party

dance birthday party

Whether you have a kid who just likes to move or a serious dancer on your hands, this party can be fun for all ages. Play some fun games like freeze tag and musical chairs. Learn the latest TikTok dance challenge and record everyone’s best attempt. This party doesn’t require a lot of structure to be a great time.

Mystery Party

Mystery Party

A murder-mystery plot is a little much for some kids, but you can take the same idea and adapt it for them. My Mystery Party offers kits that make it super easy. All you need to do is pick an age-appropriate mystery and you’re on your way. Parents who are super creative can come up with their own mystery scenario. It makes for a really unique experience.

Drive-In Party

drive in birthday party

If you have a big TV and a big living room, it’s perfect to turn into an indoor drive-in. If weather permits, you can also set up in your driveway with a projector. Get appropriately sized cardboard boxes that kids can decorate as cars. Then throw on their favorite movie and pass around all the best movie snacks for an easy and fun idea. Catch My Party‘s Kia offers a fun take on the idea.

Glow-in-the-Dark Party

glow in the dark birthday party

This is a great idea for a diverse crowd. You’ll need to replace all the lights in your party space with blacklights. Then load up on neon and glow-in-the-dark party supplies: balloons, glow sticks, you name it. You can take it to the next level with glow-in-the-dark paint that kids can use to decorate T-shirts for a simple but fun craft.