12-Year-Old Poses With ‘Unicorn’ In Dream Photo Shoot After Her Cancer Goes Into Remission

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

No child should have to suffer through something as terrible as a battle with cancer, yet many young kids do.

With so much more life to live and dreams to fulfill, these kids have to be so strong when fighting their battles. No fight is exactly the same, but each fight is valiant and brave.

Jerzie, who is now 12 years old, has already undergone surgery, radiation, and multiple chemo treatments to battle her medulloblastoma. Medulloblastoma is a cancerous tumor that’s located at the base of the skull.

Her mother, with the help of Erin Campbell Photography, put together quite the surprise photo shoot for this kid, who happens to absolutely love unicorns.

When you look at Jerzie’s smile, it’s hard to believe how much she’s gone through, but she has not had an easy road. With her purple hair and bright eyes, you can just tell that she’s going to finish her recovery strong.

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Photographer Erin Campbell posted on Facebook:

Jerzie’s mom and I have been secretly planning this photo shoot for months now. Jerzie was diagnosed with medulloblastoma.

She had one tumor, the size of a golf ball, attached to her brain stem. They removed 95% of it and she had 31 days of radiation to her head and spine, followed by 8 chemo treatments.


Each treatment was a 6 week cycle. She was 76 kgs before she was diagnosed and is now 42.9 kgs. 


Jerzie LOVES unicorns. LOVES them.


So with the help of some amazing people (Paula Tickle the owner of the barn, Ashley, the owner of the horse Pearl, and Kristen, the maker of the amazing horn and flowers) we were able to pull it off and give Jerzie her surprise magical unicorn shoot.


It couldn’t be better timing with September being Childhood Cancer Awareness month.


“With Brave Wings She Flies”


According to Erin, Jerzie has completed her treatments and is currently in remission. We wish this brave little girl the absolute best!

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