Man Serenades Bedridden Grandma On Her 98th Birthday, Can’t Believe His Voice Makes Her Cry

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

Ash’s grandma, Jean, loved music and loved to sing. According to the grandson, she often did many things with a song in her heart, whether it was singing while doing laundry or making lasagna. When he turned 8, she taught him how to sing the classic Nat King Cole song, “Unforgettable.”

She told him it was her favorite song, and she expected him to sing it to her every year on her birthday once he learned it.

And so began their tradition. On holidays, they sang songs like “My Funny Valentine” and “White Christmas,” but every year without fail he sang “Unforgettable” to her on her birthday.

And in the video below, 33 years after she first taught him “Unforgettable,” he sang it to her again.

No matter how much time or distance came between them, Ash always kept the tradition alive. Even when his grandma lost her singing voice or he had to call in order to reach her, he still would sing their song to her.

But on her 98th birthday, he decided to go to her bedside and sing “Unforgettable” to her once again.

I hope you have your tissues ready for this one!

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