Cop Fakes Injury To Catch Bad Guy. Almost Immediately, A Man Sneaks Up To His Chair

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

An officer with the Vancouver Police Department learned an important lesson about human kindness after an undercover operation went unexpectedly… right.

Staff Sergeant Mark Horsley of the Vancouver PD came up with an extreme plan after learning that criminals in one of Vancouver’s worst neighborhoods seemed to be targeting disabled people on the street.

Much like the bad guys who tried (unsuccessfully) to steal a grandmother’s car, muggers and other criminals often target vulnerable people who are less able to fight back.

Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside neighborhood is notoriously crime-riddled, and Horsley and his team were hoping to stop some of the violence in its tracks.

They cooked up a plan to put an undercover officer — Horsley — in the neighborhood. He would pose as a man in a wheelchair, sleeping on the street.

The police thought that maybe Horsley’s undercover operation would be a tempting lure for would-be thieves. However, they quickly discovered that basic human kindness is incredibly powerful — even more powerful than criminal instinct.

Instead of trying to rob or intimidate a vulnerable man living on the streets, the people of the Downtown Eastside neighborhood came together to show him kindness.

Scroll down to watch Horsley’s experience unfold. This clip is sure to touch your heart!

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