Transport Cakes Easily By Using Uncooked Spaghetti and Saran Wrap

by Cassandra Morris
Cassandra is the Senior Editor of Original Content. She loves sweet tea, binge-watching Antiques Roadshow, and petting puppies.

During the festive summer months, nothing could be more fun than getting together with friends and family.

Weddings, baby showers, cookouts, birthdays: summertime is rife with reasons to party.

But with parties comes food — and with food comes transportation. Sure, we all have a heaping supply of Tupperware at home, but sometimes we splurge on elaborate dishes that just won’t fit in a tiny plastic tub.

So what do you do if you’ve made an unbelievably delicious and decadent dessert — like this gorgeous rainbow ice cream cake — but don’t have a way of getting it to the party all in one piece?

Simple! Just grab some uncooked pasta, a roll of plastic wrap, and worry about that beautiful icing no longer! While you’ll still have to carefully handle your platter or dish, you’ll never have to think twice about that delicate frosting.

Don’t have any raw spaghetti noodles lying around? Toothpicks or skewers will also do the trick (though their holes will be a little more noticeable than those left by spaghetti).

Do you have any special tips or tricks for getting food to and from parties? Or do you have plastic containers for every shape and size?

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