Rare Footage Captures Uncontacted Amazon Tribe For The First Time

by Caroline Bayard
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Imagine for a moment what life was like for the people who lived on our planet 1,000 ago.

It can be so difficult for us to think about a world without things like automobiles, education and as you can see in

For The First Time In My Life, I’m Speechless." href="" target="_blank">this video, especially our smartphones. But to our ancestors, these basic “necessities” are completely unearthly.

If you or I met someone who lived before more “civilized” times, we would probably be very terrifying to these people who know no other world than their own. When we think about life today, we tend to forget that there are some tribes still in existence who have gone through incredible lengths to keep their purity from modern times.

In the following video, we meet conservationist and official for the National Indian Foundation José Carlos Meirelles, who has been monitoring an area in Brazil where ancient tribes are known to live. The extremely elusive tribespeople have successfully stayed away from other humans for countless years, so they became known as “Uncontacted Indians” and unknowingly gained protection by human rights group Survival International back in 1969.

In the following video, Meirelles takes a film crew from BBC with him to capture a glimpse of these amazing people in their natural habitat for the very first time. They have likely never seen a helicopter before, so their shocked reactions say it all.

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