Evil ‘Friend’ Plots To Cut Unborn Baby From Pregnant Teen’s Womb And She Foils Twisted Plan

by Amy P
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In the summer of 2010, Angelique Robledo learned she was pregnant. The 17-year-old from Arizona was ready to make the necessary lifestyle changes in order to make it work as a teen mom.

Months passed, and Angelique ended up befriending another teenager named Kassandra Toruga, who claimed she was also pregnant. Kassandra’s social media profiles even showed an ultrasound of her baby.

The pair formed a bond, and Angelique looked to her new acquaintance for support. But on February 16, 2011, things took a horrifying turn.

The pregnant teens were home alone together when Angelique smelled smoke. Kassandra had started a fire in a bedroom closet.

Angelique had an instant gut reaction that something really wasn’t right, and she followed her instincts.

Thankfully, officers arrived on the scene before the fire spread. Angelique ran to Kassandra’s diaper bag and reportedly found two large butcher knives, a pair of scissors, diapers, and baby clothes.

Watch the video below to see the twisted plot that had been laid out for the unsuspecting Angelique and her unborn baby.

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Footage provided by KNXV Phoenix

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