Pregnant Woman Looks At Ultrasound Scan And Sees Her Late Father Kissing Her Unborn Daughter

by Amy Paige
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Shantel Carrillo was so anxious to see her baby’s very first ultrasound scan. Five months into her pregnancy, the San Diego woman shared a photo of the image online and received a ton of supportive messages from her loved ones.

There seemed to be a shared sentiment among the commenters: People kept telling Shantel that it looked like an “angel” was kissing her unborn daughter.

The observation made Shantel take a closer look at the ultrasound — and that’s when she noticed something that sent chills down her spine.

Indeed, it looked like an angelic figure was kissing her baby on the head … but not just any angel.

Shantel went running to dig up an old picture that was taken after the birth of her first daughter.

When she compared that photo to her new ultrasound, Shantel saw an uncanny resemblance that is now touching hearts across the country.

Footage provided by KSWB San Diego

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