These UGG Slippers Have Over 2,000 Positive Reviews And They’re Actually Affordable

by Sarah Bregel
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UGG slippers are some of the best on the market. They’re just downright cozy. But they’re also supportive!

Buying a pair of UGGs is the perfect way to show your feet some love. And since we’re all pretty much wearing our slippers all day long these days, it’s really an excellent time to make sure your feet are warm and happy, especially since you’re probably already doing some online shopping.

While just about every pair of UGGs can accomplish that feat (for your feet), one style is all the rage. The UGG Genuine Shearling Slipper has over 2,000 positive reviews.

They’re so amazing, even Reese Witherspoon adores them! And while you’d imagine slippers worn by a celebrity like Reese would be hundreds of dollars, these ones aren’t too pricey.

You can find them at Nordstrom for $119.95! The slippers come in Chestnut, Black, or Grey, and they’re practically guaranteed to make you smile. But if you’re looking for a slipper with a little more slide, definitely take a look at the Cozette Genuine Shearling Slide at just $79.95!

If that’s out of your price range, you’re in luck, because there are plenty of other UGG slippers available at Nordstrom, too, and tons are also on sale. Check out the Fluffette Slipper, which is 40% off right now and super dreamy. The backless slipper is just as warm and cozy as any pair of UGGs you can find.

If you want your ankles covered, though, you better check out this pair of slipper booties. This pair is majorly discounted right now. At 60% off, they’re only $39.98. When it comes to quality slippers, that’s basically thievery!

There are tons more UGG slippers to be found, so check out the deals now. After all, your feet do a lot for you. Perhaps it’s time to give back!

Shop Reese’s adorable UGG slippers and more at Nordstrom!

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