Uber Driver Trashes NFL Football Team Without Knowing His Passenger Is The Team’s Star Player

by Amy Paige
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A Baltimore-based Uber driver, who’s also a huge NFL and Baltimore Ravens fan, couldn’t wait to watch the big game.

His beloved team was set to face off against the Los Angeles Chargers in a hometown playoff game.

But first, he needed to make a couple bucks and get some riders to their destinations.

In this clip, the driver starts making casual conversation with his backseat passenger. Naturally, football was the main topic.

The die-hard Ravens fan proudly praised his team while trash-talking the Chargers. He was especially complimentary over the Ravens’ sense of urgency this season.

He told his passenger he predicted they would beat the Chargers and take it all the way to Super Bowl.

The passenger humored the driver in some friendly debate. He was on the other side of the argument, however, praising the Chargers’ quarterback and tight end. He also had a lot of nice things to say about the team’s star running back, who has set multiple records since joining the NFL in 2015.

This conversation went back and forth until the driver reached the destination. That’s when his backseat passenger finally revealed who he really was — and the fact he’d also been secretly recording the hilarious (and hilariously awkward) exchange.

“Well, I’m Melvin Gordon, man. I’m the running back for the Chargers.”


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