Daughters Beg For Help After Mom Claims She’s Married To Tyler Perry Despite Never Meeting Him

by Kate Taylor
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Having a celebrity crush is something we can all relate to. However, most of us settle for just daydreaming about them.

Karla, a mother of four, and her crush are a completely different story. Why? Because she truly believes they’re married.

Karla divorced the father of her oldest daughters, Kelly and Kourtney, about four years ago. The mom was understandably lonely, but she did find joy in being active on a Tyler Perry fan page on Facebook.

At some point, a user reached out to Karla claiming to be Tyler Perry himself. The man struck up conversations with the mom. He even included a story about how their families are already interconnected.

It didn’t take long for “Tyler” to shower Karla with affectionate messages. Karla received texts that read, “I will forever love you, baby,” and “In everything you do, you are a lifesaver.”

Karla and the man certainly communicated a lot online and over text — but she has yet to meet him in person. Her daughter also explains that any video chats with him are done with a blank screen.

Part of their online communication involved “Tyler” proposing to Karla. She said yes, and he claimed to have a legal document that legitimizes the union. Karla is also convinced she is the mother of Tyler Perry’s actual son.

Kelly and Kourtney are concerned about their mother’s mental health and safety. Karla has also sent thousands of dollars to “Tyler.” He claims the funds are used as charity donations.

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Photos: Dr. Phil; Instagram / Tyler Perry

CORRECTION: February 9, 2018
An earlier version of this story’s title claimed Karla believes she is married to Steven Tyler. It is Tyler Perry.

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