Mom And Daughter Surprise Each Other With Puppies At Exact Same Time After Losing Family Dog

by Morgan Greenwald
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The only thing better than one puppy is two — even when the second puppy is a complete and total accident.

When the Rice family’s dog, Remington, passed away after being hit by a car, 17-year-old Natalie Rice decided to surprise her mother with a puppy as an early Valentine’s Day present. With the baby blue heeler in hand, Natalie set up a hidden camera and got ready to surprise her mom with the gift — but instead, she got a surprise of her own when her mom walked in carrying a puppy, too!

“My dog passed away so I thought it’d be a good idea to surprise my mom with a blue heeler puppy [and] she thought it’d be a good idea to surprise me with a Lab puppy,” Natalie wrote on Twitter. “Long story short: my dad is going to kill us.”

Luckily, the Rice family has decided to keep both puppies. Though “angry at first,” Natalie’s dad has warmed up to the idea of the new additions to the family. “We are happily keeping both without any second thoughts,” Natalie told Daily Mail.

Truthfully, I can’t think of a better Valentine’s Day present than two new dogs!

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Video footage and photos provided by Natalie Rice

[H/T: DailyMail]

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