People On Twitter Are Having A Massive Argument About The Proper Way To Draw An ‘X’

by Kim Wong-Shing
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When’s the last time you wrote an X by hand? Did you go from top to bottom? Which line did you start with?

No matter how you wrote it, someone out there thinks that you did it completely wrong.

People on Twitter are having a massive debate about the right way to draw an X. As if arguing over a kindergarten-level skill weren’t enough, people actually have wildly different opinions on this topic. Who knew?!

There are, apparently, eight different ways to draw an X, mathematically speaking. If you’re anything like me, you’re thinking, “Surely there are only one or two ways that people really use, though, right?” Wrong. People on Twitter are now divided into all eight camps, and all of them are equally passionate.

“WTF? Who doesn’t do 7?!” one bewildered user wrote.

“If you don’t do 6 we’re no longer friends,” another wrote to a pal.

I’m in camp 7, and if you draw your X another way, I’m now legally required to hate you. Twitter is so fun!

It all started when a Twitter user, @SMASEY, posted this chart about all the different ways to draw an X.

As you can see, there are eight of them. EIGHT.

She posted the chart with an innocent tweet about how “interesting” it is and asking people which method they prefer, like this graphic isn’t absolutely shocking and ludicrous.

As an indecisive person who wants everyone to get along, just looking at that chart fills me with an impending sense of doom.

Needless to say, people broke out into a tense debate over the “right” method shortly after.

What else is there to do when someone makes you decide between eight ways to do something as simple as drawing an X?

Some Twitter users were simply in disbelief that anyone would write their letters in such different ways. Like, are they monsters? Aliens?

This is friendship-ending business, people.

To be fair, some people calmly chimed in with their own preferences. Then they sat back and watched the likes roll in.

Also, some Twitter users just could not decide on one method.

Which is fair and relatable! I mostly do No. 7, but sometimes I do No. 8. Life is all about variety, you know?

Some people who found themselves with a less-popular preference started to doubt themselves. You can’t blame them. There was a lot of judgment flying around.

And to answer this person’s question: Yes. Yes, you should definitely go to the hospital if you draw your X using method No. 2. How?! Why?!

As several users pointed out, there is, in fact, a “correct” way to draw an X.

It’s the way that your hardworking kindergarten and first-grade teachers taught you! Or have you forgotten your alphabet lessons?

If you’re in the United States, the seventh method is the one that was taught in school.

It’s the same in both cursive and D’Nealian script, as one user pointed out.

At the end of the day, people can write their X however they want to. But somewhere, strict kindergarten teachers are hard-core cringing.

Of course, things aren’t quite that simple. Students in the UK must have apparently been taught another way to draw an X, because people over there tend to use method 5 or 6.

And because this is Twitter, some people just love chaos.

As if eight ways of drawing an X weren’t enough, people had to come up with more.

I… wow. My brain hurts.

Let’s all go back to our own methods and never discuss this again.