After Twins Are Born Nurses Look At Mom’s Appearance And Can’t Believe They’re Her Babies

by June Rivers
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Danielle Wallace gave birth to her twin boys, Jeremiah and Elijah, in July 2017. Once the babies were delivered, the nurses looked closer at the brothers and reacted with shock.

“Look at that fluffy, curly hair!” one nurse shouted. “His fluffy, curly, blonde hair!”

The Ohio mother couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Wlhile one of her boys appeared black, the other appeared white.

Danielle says most people comment on how cute and beautiful the boys are — but once they look closer at their faces, they start asking the questions. Are they twins? Did you adopt them? Are they really your kids?

Jeremiah and Elijah are fraternal twins, meaning two fertilized eggs were implanted in the uterus wall at the same time.

The eggs were fertilized by two different sperm cells in separate sacs.

It’s a million-to-one likelihood their appearances would turn out the way they did. See for yourself…

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Footage provided by WJW Cleveland

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