Twins Find Wallet Filled With Cash. One Look At Veteran’s ID And They’re Standing At His Door

by Amy P
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Makhia and Makyla Vincent, 14-year-old twin sisters from Detroit, were walking to school when they noticed a wallet sitting in the snow.

The twins picked up the wallet, peeked inside, and saw credit cards and hundreds of dollars in cash. But when they pulled out a military ID, they knew exactly what they needed to do.

Makhia and Makyla’s grandfather is also a veteran. “I would hate if that was my granddad and that happened to him, so I knew we had to return it,” Makyla told WJBK.

The wallet belonged to Marc Walsh, a disabled Marine Corps veteran who had dropped it in the snow on his way home from the grocery store.

By the time he realized his wallet was missing, it was already too late; he had no idea where it was. All he knew was that he was taking a huge financial hit by losing all that cash, as Marc has been struggling to find work.

Makhia and Makyla tracked down Marc’s address and held the wallet up to the home security camera before leaving it on his front step and disappearing. He wasn’t home at the time.

When Marc’s roommate alerted him to the fact his missing wallet was mysteriously now sitting on their front porch, he rushed to check his security footage. He was shocked to see that the kind people who returned it were so young.

Detroit TV station WJBK heard Marc’s story and arranged a meeting between him and the twin sisters. He was able to thank them in person and returned the favor in an incredible way — proving kindness comes back around.

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