Doctors Say Twins Could Die, But Mom Sees Them Holding Hands In Ultrasound

by Emerald Pellot
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Hayley and Charlie Lampshire knew they were having twins. However, their excitement came to a stop when doctors warned that their baby boys were at risk.

The siblings, Rowan and Blake, were rare mono-mono twins.

They shared an amniotic sac, which meant it was possible that their umbilical cords could cut of their food supply or strangle one or both of them in wound.

“It was all pretty worrying at the beginning,” Hayley told Inside Edition. “If that did happen, then it would be likely that we wouldn’t know. We couldn’t do anything to prevent it, which was the scariest part.”

Hayley required an ultrasound every one to two weeks to check on the boys.

What she saw played a small part in putting her mind at ease.

With every ultrasound, Hayley saw her twins holding hands and cuddling in the womb.

“They were always really close and tucked up together. Each time they seemed to be doing well,” Hayley said.

Rowan and Blake were born via C-section. They eventually went home after a three-week hospital stay.

“The boys were born 36 seconds apart and were taken straight to special care,” their mom said. “They had fluid on their lungs and were struggling to breathe on their own.”

The twin brothers are still holding hands and cuddling. Additionally, they speak their own baby language. It is no secret that twins often have a special bond, as they are the only two people who get to experience life together before birth.

“They settle a lot better when they are together,” Hayley said. “They chat together [and] sleep in the same crib. They have a really good bond. They are healthy and happy.”

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