Twin Sisters Who Were Famously ‘Cut In Half’ In 2006 Are Now Living As Separate Teenagers

by Amy P
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On February 26, 2002, twins Kendra and Maliyah Herrin were born sharing a large intestine, bladder, liver, and single kidney.

From the very beginning, their parents Erin and Jake knew separating them was going to be incredibly risky.

One doctor said the girls didn’t have the organs needed to survive on their own outside of Erin’s womb. When Erin was still pregnant, another doctor advised Erin to abort the twins altogether.

But at the age of 4, Maliyah and Kendra made international headlines when they became the first set of twins sharing a kidney to be separated.

Despite the odds, the 26-hour procedure was a total success.

The sisters then had to learn how to adjust to living with their separate bodies.

The Herrin sisters are now 17 years old and living in Salt Lake City. They have one leg each and are eternally grateful to their parents for deciding to go through with the separation surgery. They spend a lot of their time filming videos for their YouTube channel. The videos showcase their story, their self-confidence, and their individual personalities.

In this video, entitled “The Twins That Were Cut in Half,” it’s amazing to watch the Herrin sisters interact with one another and go about their normal days. You’ll see just how strong and confident they’ve become.

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