Twin Baby Is Healthy Again After Being Hospitalized For Vitamin D Overdose

by Anna Halkidis
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Like any mom would be, Becky Jackson became concerned when she noticed her baby boy Joe growing faster his twin sister Elizabeth.

“We kept comparing the two of them, and thinking, ‘Well, maybe she’s just going to be little and he’s going to be big,” Jackson told Nebraska’s KETV.

But, Elizabeth’s appearance  sunken eyes, strange skin color, and low weight  continued to worry Jackson.

After a one-week hospital stay, doctors figured out what was wrong with the tyke: she was suffering from a vitamin D overdose.

As it turns out, Jackson was making an organic homemade formula for Elizabeth since it was hard for her to make enough breast milk for both of the kids. But, she was adding about 8,000 times more the proper dosage of vitamin D without knowing how harmful it could be. And, as you’ll see in the video below, the overdose could have led to some very serious complications. (This is just as serious as the dangers of diluting baby’s breast milk!)

In response to her scary experience, Jackson has a word of advice to other moms: “I think that it’s just important to realize the impact that vitamins can have, negative and positive, and to not think that it’s OK.”

Thankfully, Elizabeth didn’t suffer any long-lasting complications, but please SHARE to spread the information with all the moms you know!

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