Soldier Has Only Seen Twin Brother On Skype, But Has No Clue He’s Standing Right Behind Him

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

Christopher Sanchez was full of emotions as he prepared to give his oath and be sworn into the United States Army. He was anxious and excited, but there was one person who he wished was by his side and couldn’t be.

Christopher thought his beloved twin brother Andrew, who was already a member of the military, wouldn’t make it back in time from deployment. The twins are not only brothers, but best friends — and though they kept in touch with phone calls and Skype video chats, it just wasn’t the same as being together.

The twins’ mom, Meli, is so proud of her boys. “If we were feeling proud to have one solider in our family, we are now feeling overwhelmed by God’s goodness to have two soldiers.”

But during Christopher’s swearing-in ceremony, things took a surprising turn.

He was instructed to demonstrate an about-face command. He had no idea, however, that it was all a set-up… and everyone in the room was in on the secret except for him.

Watch the video below to see the tear-jerking moment for yourself.

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