Mom’s Identical Twin Sister Dies. Then, She Gets Note With Sign Of Hope From Beyond The Grave

by Emerald Pellot
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Rachel Hoggins dealt with a horrible loss: her identical twin sister, Christine, died two years ago after battling breast cancer. Rachel lost her sister, best friend, and other half.

Perhaps Christine knew how devastating this loss would be, and that’s why she took measures before she died to help her sister cope.

“When she first died in 2014, she wrote me a letter and a gave me a card to help me get through it,” Rachel recalled to Caters News. “She also gave me a memory book half completed with memories from our lives with instruction to fill it in whenever I thought of another memory.”

Naturally, birthdays are very hard for Rachel since she always shared them with Christine.

“We always shared our birthdays, so it’s a day that’s always full of tears. I just miss her so much,” Rachel says.

However, on her first birthday after her sister her died she was stunned to receive a card in the mail from her.

“The first card I received was a complete surprise, but I have a close friend who I know is looking after them for Christine,” she said. “It was my birthday last week on August 31 and I asked our friend if there’s many more to come and she said yes.”

Christine made sure that Rachel would get gifts until she was at least 50. Rachel doesn’t have much more info than that.

“We did everything together. We had the same friends. We spent anytime outside of work shopping or having lunch. I was distraught when Christine was diagnosed with breast cancer, but she took it in her stride. She was so brave,” Rachel said.

Each letter is handwritten and specially dedicated to Rachel. The thoughtful gesture helps the grieving sister get through the toughest day of the year.

“I start crying as soon as I see her handwriting, it never gets easier but I’m so thankful for the happy memories we have together,” she said. “Even though I don’t enjoy my birthday as much as I used to, I do look forward to receiving her messages.”

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