Mom Says Twin Stuck In Birth Canal Sacrificed Herself In Womb To Help Save Sister’s Life

by Amy Paige
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Ashley Simons was desperate to have a child. She and her husband spent five painstaking years and thousands of dollars on fertility treatments before getting the news they’d been praying for.

Ashley was elated to discover she was pregnant with twin girls, Esme and Isla. But at 24 weeks, she began feeling strange and severe stomach pains at home.

The special education teacher felt something “drop down through my womb.”

She was going into premature labor.

After being rushed to the hospital, doctors tried stopping the labor process altogether, but couldn’t because Ashley was already fully dilated.

She knew the chances of both babies surviving were very low.

During labor, Esme had planted herself in the birth canal, delaying the birth of Isla.

Because of this delay, Isla remained in the womb long enough to absorb the lifesaving medication doctors had administered to improve the premature babies’ lung capacity. Esme was stillborn, but Isla survived.

Now Ashley’s pregnancy story is going viral — because she believes Esme acted as Isla’s guardian angel, sacrificing herself for her sister while still inside the womb.

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