Twins Stare Directly Into Camera, But Instantly Know Something Is Wrong With Their Faces

Grace_Eire Grace Eire

I don’t have a twin or even a sister who looks like me. My little brother and I do look incredibly similar and share a lot of the same interests, but I’m sure it’s still very different from having an actual twin.

Twins share a very special bond with each other. Mountains of research have been done on twins, much of it pointing to them having something of a sixth sense about one another — what they’re thinking, and how they’re feeling — especially with identical twins.

Brittany Walton of Newberry, Florida, has a father who is an identical twin. He and her uncle look the same, and act pretty much identically as well. When Brittany showed them an application on her phone that swaps two people’s faces, the twins had to try it out even though their faces were exactly the same.

You’ve seen this application before, I’m sure — like when a dad swapped faces with his young children. It truly is one of the funniest things out there right now.

These brothers’ reaction to this silly app is absolutely belly laugh-inducing. It’s impossible not to laugh right along with them when they’re seeing their faces on each other’s heads. The laughter is pure, unadulterated joy. What they get from this simple camera trick is enough to make your whole day.

It’s almost hard to tell when the app is and is not working!

Have you ever tried a face-swapping app like this? Did you have as much fun as these guys did with their twin face swap?

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