Adorable Twin Babies Paint All Over Their Pregnant Mom’s Stomach

by Paul Morris
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Traditions are a very important thing to have in any family. Whether it be a Christmas tradition, a wedding tradition, a birthday tradition, or even something that happens at every high school graduation, there’s just something so interesting about the unique things that families pass down to each other from generation to generation.

While we always love hearing about new traditions, it’s incredible to note that the video below isn’t actually a tradition yet! But just watching how much fun the whole family is having should inspire anyone to get their little ones to paint on top of mom’s new baby

It seems like these beautiful twin boys were allowed to paint all over mom’s stomach. While it’s a shame that this picture won’t be able to last forever, it’s great that they took a photo at the very end. Maybe they could figure out a way to lay paper on top in order to transfer the print?

No matter what, it seems like these two boys are bonding with their younger sibling in the cutest way possible. It’s great to watch this peaceful moment they’re sharing with their mom and the new baby.

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