She Dabs Orange Eye Shadow Over Half Her Tattoo To Make Her Skin Look Like New

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

The number of people getting tattoos seems to be on the rise these days. More and more young people are getting them, but that doesn’t mean that some companies and businesses are receptive of them, even of tattoos that we love like the semicolon tattoo, or this student’s meaningful ink. 

Unfortunately, these people need to find a way to cover up their tattoos either with clothing or with makeup, and it’s not always easy.

In the search to find the best method for tattoo cover-up, we found this amazing tutorial by YouTube sensation Nibbles. Step by step, she tells us her preferred method for temporary tattoo coverage using only drugstore makeup!

We had no idea it was that easy and simple!

She applies primer to the tattooed area to moisturize it before applying the foundation.

Next, she dabs on orange eye shadow and seals the layer with some hair spray. The orange color, she explains, is meant to match the undertones of her skin. She then adds a second layer of eye shadow and hair spray.

With an orange blotch of eye shadow on your skin it would be hard to imagine that this could possibly cover up a tattoo. But the final steps prove to be virtually foolproof! She covers the same area with layers of concealer, separated by light coatings of hair spray, and blends the edges to match her skin tone.

Finally, she dusts on some powder to top off the process!

We think this tutorial is pretty genius. Who knew you could do so much with drugstore makeup?

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