17 Inexpensive Items You Can Buy To Turn Your Home Into An Autumn Oasis

by Karen Belz
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Fall is such an enjoyable time of year. Aside from the wonderful temperature — and the relief of a cool breeze after a particularly hot summer — it’s also a great time to start fresh.

Sure, you might use January 1 as an excellent day to make changes in your life. But think about September and October — school is starting up, people are getting married, and it’s the best time to go outside for a nice, reflective walk around the block.

It turns out that Wayfair is also a huge fan of fall. The site just launched its Fall Decor Shop, and the deals it has are incredible. It’s the perfect way to turn your home into a perfect tribute to the season.

Wayfair is known for providing interior decorations and great delivery options. Until now, it may not have occurred to you that you can change things up per season. If you’ve got an itch to move furniture and buy new pieces, fall is a great excuse. Even better, autumn colors are so warm and inviting that new decorations will inspire you to invite some friends over to celebrate the season.

Even if your bank account is still trying to recuperate from your summer vacation, Wayfair has plenty of items that won’t break the bank. As a bonus, if you decorate your home for fall, you have a complete excuse to morph it into the North Pole once winter comes around. Winter home decor is more than just a tree, you know?

Here are 17 of the best seasonal finds at Wayfair’s Fall Decor Shop.

Scented Wax Melts


This set of two flameless wax melts will make your home smell nice with little hassle. They’re the perfect addition to any mantel or end table.

Shop the Scented Wax Melt Set ($24.99, Wayfair).

Handwoven Area Rug


The best part about this orange handwoven rug is that it can easily be used in any room year-round. If you have wood furniture, this rug complements it perfectly. You’ll also love the fact that it was handcrafted on a loom, making it a legitimate work of art.

Shop the Handwoven Flatweave Rug ($97.99, Wayfair).

Scarecrow Throw Pillow


In the fall, you see a lot of pumpkin and cornucopia decor. But what about scarecrows? They’re essential in keeping our local crops safe, and they can also be pretty cute. This scarecrow throw pillow will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Shop the Scarecrow Throw Pillow ($19.99, Wayfair).

Word Collage Pillow


Fall images aside, sometimes people express their love of the season more with words. If you’re someone who always talks about their love of autumn weather, this pillow will be the perfect addition to your living room sofa. The subtle images, like the acorn, make this pillow even cuter.

Shop the Word Collage Pillow ($20.99, Wayfair).

Metal Turkey Sculptures


These three are too sweet to pass up. They make the perfect decor for your big Thanksgiving dinner but can easily celebrate the entire season with you. You can place them anywhere around the house to help bring some fall cheer.

Shop the 3-Piece Metal Turkey Set ($24.39, Wayfair).

Turkey Planter


If you like gardening and houseplants as much as you like Thanksgiving, this is the perfect item for you. There are plenty of different ways you can use this turkey planter. It can hold some pretty flowers or perhaps a few pieces of fall foliage.

Shop the Metal Turkey Planter ($25.27, Wayfair).


Cornucopia Table Centerpiece


It’s known as the “horn of plenty,” and there’s no better place for a cornucopia than right at the center of the dinner table. This gorgeous arrangement includes green wheat, strawflowers, nigella, tansy, safflower, flax and lemon mint, all harvested in the United States.

Shop the Cornucopia Floral Arrangement ($56.99, Wayfair).

Candlestick Holder Set


Not only is this candlestick holder set perfect for fall, but it’ll help class up your dining room. The set includes two holders that are perfect for either votive candles or tealights.

Shop the Candlestick Holder Set ($78.99, Wayfair).

Pine Cone Candle Holders


If regular candlestick holders aren’t your thing, these pine cone candle holders might be. They’re made of metal and are absolutely perfect for the person who loves fall. Even better, three come per package.

Shop the Pine Cone Candle Holders ($28.99, Wayfair).

Pumpkin Votive Holder

Pumpkin Votive Holder

If you want a festive way to brighten up any room, consider buying this pumpkin votive holder. You can place it on an autumn-themed tablescape or perch it on your mantel.

Shop the Pumpkin Votive Holder ($37.99, Wayfair).

Owl Candle


Speaking of candles and candle accessories that make it into your common rotation, this owl candle may look charming. But its real power comes out when you light it. Your entire room will smell like apple crisp, which might inspire you to bake the real thing.

Shop the Owl Candle ($19.99, Wayfair).

Fall Wall Decor

Fall Wall Decor

This piece of wall art doesn’t just include fall in its wordage — it also uses strong fall colors that’ll make any room pop. The frame comes with the artwork, which means that it’s a breeze to hang and display.

Shop Fall Framed Art ($18.99, Wayfair).


Pumpkin Candelabra


This metal candelabra is quintessential fall. If you’re a fan of votives or tealights, it’s the perfect way to display them. While the pumpkins are perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving, the tree itself is one of the strongest symbols of fall.

Shop the Pumpkin Candelabra ($89.99, Wayfair).

Fall Ladder


This ladder with twinkly lights is an inviting way to welcome guests if you choose to put it near an entryway. Otherwise, it’s a nice fit for any room that needs an additional source of light.

Shop the Fall Ladder ($89.99, Wayfair).

Pumpkin Photo Frames


These small frames are the best way to showcase family photos. They come in a set of four and will help remind you of what’s truly important in life all season long. In case you don’t have many spare prints around, they can also hold memos.

Shop the Pumpkin Photo Frame Set ($70.99, Wayfair).

Scarecrow Welcome Mat


If you want other people to enjoy your fall oasis, you’ll need a good welcome mat. This is the ideal mat to put out all season long. It’s colorful, bright, and a perfect way to introduce all of your fall-related decor inside.

Shop the Scarecrow Welcome Mat ($16.99, Wayfair).

Fall Wreath


This stunning fall wreath is versatile — you can display it either indoor or outdoors. That said, it would be a shame if it wasn’t displayed inside, on a prominent wall. This wreath features berries, leaves, and clusters of cotton. Since it’s artificial, it’ll look fresh year after year.

Shop the Fall Wreath ($24.99, Wayfair).

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